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Affiliate Links Disclaimer

Here's the thing. When applicable, some links that you click on this site might be an affiliate link. We get a kickback every time you buy something from the provider.

But Why?

We need money. To help run this website, to help pay for time spent writing, coming up with ideas, but the most important one: to get a VPS/Dedicated Server to Review

Wait, you didn't get a free review VPS?

Well yeah, sometimes. But most of the time, we liked actually buying a product from a provider for a month, without letting the provider know our intention is to review their product. It makes the review more interesting, truthful and honest. That's the aim here, anyway. To provide you with tips on buying VPS/Dedicated Server Products, without all the lies that usually found on a web hosting review/top 10 list.


Yeah, we hope you understand our intention here is to not misled you into giving us money. Note that by using our affiliate link you did not spend a dime more. In fact, you might even get a discount if you used a coupon you find here.